Is it Complicated?


Don’t worry about it, we give you an instruction guide explaining how to do it, you need to follow the numbers and glue them. 1 with 1, 2 with 2, 3with 3, etcetera!

How Long Does it Take to assemble it?

This really depends about the kind of sculpture, size and dexterity.

We have sculptures that takes just 30 minutes (ee. heart, wich has just 22 sides and is just 1 US letter / A4 Europe sheet), but it could go up to 6 hours for the longest.

Just you need patience to do it!

Imagine that the figure is assembled by one person, in this case,

For sculptures called easy it can take from 2 to 4 hours.
For the medium it will take 4-7 hours.
For advanced to 8- 10 hours.

However, keep in mind the size of each sculpture, sculptures can be easily mounted but large, so it will take longer, without necessarily having more difficulty.

I have 2 left hands, can i do it?

If you are not patient and you think that you can’t spend time doing a HAND craft maybe you should think two times before to buy one.

Even with two left hands you can do it if you really take your time and desire to do it

Which kind of glue do you recommend?

I recommend a glue in gel like UHU or Scocth (just to say some brands), I think in gel is better because is easy to use, clean and strong for that… and lets you fix the little mistakes before it dries.

I broke/lost a piece of the sculpture, what can i do?

Don’t worry, I can send you the item that you need, please contact me to know which piece you need. (delivery fees will apply)

About Delivery

I send the kit by internatinal registered mail and it could take between one and three weeks depending the country. Once your order is in the postal services i will give you a tracking number to check real time status of your parcel

About Buying

For the moment we can sell our products only via our Etsy shop and is the easiest way to buy our products. For that I invite to visite our Etsy Shop clicking here

Payment (Etsy)

You can pay on Etsy site with any credit/debit card or via PayPal; for this, it is not necessary to have a PayPal account.
If you have problems paying, please contact me directly.

Items will not be sent until payment is confirmed. In the case of non-payment and no response from you within 48 hours after the order placed, the purchase will be canceled automatically.

Shipping (etsy)

Materials, physical Product are sent by post.

Once the payment confirmed, the sipping will be made within 3 working days maximum.

The delivery time may vary from one country to another. For France consider a period of 2- 3 working days, for the Eropean Union count between 4 and 7 days. For rest of the world count between 7 – 9 days. For the US normally take between 1 and 2 weekds. However, these delays are an indication only; delivery may take more or less time.

Digital file purchase,

Digital files are available for download immediately after the payment confirmed. The advantage of digital purchase is No delivery, no shipping, so no waiting! Just some products are available in digital purchase, if is the case, you can see this option in the product details.

Refunds and Exchanges



Normally I cannot offer refunds if there is a digital purchase, unless the digital file has a problem or the file does not correspond to that described in the article description (almost zero possibility) . If you are not satisfied with your product, please contact me, I promise to do what I can to solve this problem.

For physical purchase:

You have the right to withdrawal.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can be refund under certain conditions.

The retraction period expires after 7 days from the day you received your parcel (you or a third party)

If you are not happy, or just you have changed your mind, you can, within that period, contact me for a refund, however you will be responsible for the cost of returning products.

The refund will be once the package received back in the same way that you received it (clean, no wear marks, glue and in good condition to sell it again)

How do I get my purchase?

There are two possibilities:

Digital purchase.- you receive a download link Immediately after your purchase, and then you can print it in any printer and the paper type you want.

physical purchase.- Once the payment confirmed, I will prepare your package, and I will send it by post to the postal address you wrote on the order ( treatment 1 to 3 days)


Do you sell sculptures already assembled?

No, as you can see, I’m in France, and for logistical reasons such as weight, size and fragility, I am not able to offer the sculptures already assembled. Moreover, the idea and purpose of my products is to have fun and do it yourself, DIY sprit.

Moreover i can make some exeptions, if you are interested in an assembled sculpture please contact me and we can discuss it


I have a shop, is it possible to sell your products or have customized products?

Yes, please contact me to talk, I will send you the terms of sale and if we are agree we can work together, i look forward to work with you!


Do you have another question? suggestions?

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