Actually the word doesn’t even exist, but it is the result of a mix between sculpture and paper, so, paper sculptures.

Sculpaper is a mini (micro) Studio design to create sculptures and objects in Polygonal forms (animal head’s made of paper AKA « trophies ») I love to create and to experiment new designs and new objects in different shapes, sizes and textures.

The idea to make paper animal trophies or paper handmade objects was born with the interest of minimalist design, polygonal forms and shiny colors that give life to the very design sculptures, keeping in mind the spirit of Do It Yourself DIY.

The simplicity and design are very important in the development of my animal paper trophies, I keep an eye in the details and each sculpture’s faces in order to give you a good quality and huge design in each product i make.

For this, I am vigilant at every stage of production by doing a visual and manual check for each product.